We know that making beautiful designs fast is important to you. This is why we want to ensure that any feature we add to the app never slows you down.

There are few intentional limitations to our video feature to stop your device from crashing, slowing down or acting strangely.

  1. You can only add 1 video per page at this time. Adding another video to the same page will replace the existing one on your canvas.
  2. Your uploaded video must be a maximum of 5 minutes, however we recommend trimming your videos to a maximum of 1 minute for a better experience in the canvas.

  3. Your video will be converted to a maximum resolution of 1080p and a maximum bitrate of 30fps when it is uploaded
  4. Your video project or page will save at a maximum export resolution of 1080p
  5. Projects that contain video on any page will be limited to a maximum canvas size ratio of 2160 x 4096px (for all pages in the project)

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