We have done our best to make the Help Centre as easy to navigate & user-friendly as possible. That said, we understand there are times when you may need to contact a human for advice (and our humans are awesome 😉 ). 


As a Subscriber you should be able to access the Care team by following these easy steps (ensure your App is updated to the latest version):

*Note this option is unfortunately not currently available to free users. 
iOS Android Web
1. Log into GoDaddy Studio with the email address or automatic sign in method that's linked to your Pro subscription.
2. Tap “Projects” on the bottom right
3. Then tap the “Settings” cog on the top right
4. Scroll down to “Contact Us”
5. Complete the support form with the details of your issue (the more specific the better)

If you have a general question about GoDaddy or are not subscribed, you can: 
1. Browse our GoDaddy Help Centre
2. Call our award-winning support team 24/7 on 480-463-8333

📝  There may be some back and forth as the team asks you for more details to be able to fully understand what you’re experiencing and help find a solution.

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