Over Web has launched – here's what you need to know.

That's right, now you can create beautiful designs from the comfort of your desktop (you're welcome)! 

5e999f6285ef9885a177145f_Over_Beta_Mail_Header_2.pngWhat can and can’t I do in Over Web?
You CAN do key things like:
  • Create projects for all platforms 
  • Create designs that are “better on the big screen” like CVs, presentation slides, and copy-heavy posters. 
  • Export as a JPG or PNG
  • Crop 
  • Mask/ erase 
  • Select and move multiple layers at the same time 🙌 (not yet available on mobile)
  • Right click menu for actions
  • Copy & paste from clipboard


Since it's a brand new platform, some things aren't available yet, like: 
🔁  Sync your projects
Currently, the projects you’ve created in the Over App will not be available on Over Web or vice-versa. 
🏅 Upload your logo to Graphics 
Workaround: you can still add an image with a transparent background to a project, simply: 
  • Save a transparent-background version of your logo to your desktop
  • Click Image
  • Click the +Image icon
  • Upload your logo
🔤 Import custom fonts
🧺 Collect graphics or graphic collections (iOS only)
🗂 Organize projects and templates into folders (iOS only)
📽 Add videos to projects 
This includes access our exclusive video stock library (iOS only)
👨‍👩‍👧 Collaborate with your team (iOS only)
🖼 Use layouts or layout collections (iOS only)
💡 Read Discover posts (iOS only)
However, we have an awesome blog with similar content here



Have suggestions or ideas about how we can improve Over Web?

Click on the Feedback button in the top-right corner



Having trouble logging in?

✨ Important 
If you have an existing Over account in the Over app, please log into Over Web with those login details. This will ensure that: 
  1. If you have a PRO subscription on mobile, you should have access to all PRO content on Over Web.
  2. When we release project syncing, your projects will sync on all your devices. 
🔧 Login troubleshooting
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