5e999f6285ef9885a177145f_Over_Beta_Mail_Header_2.pngWhat can and can’t I do on GoDaddy Studio Web?
You CAN do key things like:
  • Create projects for all platforms 
  • Create designs that are “better on the big screen” like CVs, presentation slides, and copy-heavy posters. 
  • Export as a JPG or PNG
  • Crop 
  • Mask/ erase 
  • Select and move multiple layers at the same time 🙌 (not yet available on mobile)
  • Right click menu for actions
  • Copy & paste from clipboard


Since it's a brand new platform, some things aren't available yet, like: 
🔁  Sync your projects
Currently, the projects you’ve created in the GoDaddy Studio App will not be available on GoDaddy Studio Web or vice-versa. 
🏅 Upload your logo to Graphics 
Workaround: you can still add an image with a transparent background to a project, simply: 
  • Save a transparent-background version of your logo to your desktop
  • Click Image
  • Click the +Image icon
  • Upload your logo
🔤 Import custom fonts
🧺 Collect graphics or graphic collections (iOS only)
🗂 Organize projects and templates into folders (iOS only)
📽 Add videos to projects 
This includes access our exclusive video stock library (iOS only)
🖼 Use layouts or layout collections (iOS only)
💡 Read Discover posts (iOS only)
You can also have a read through our awesome GoDaddy blog 

Have suggestions or ideas about how we can improve GoDaddy Studio Web?

Click on the Feature Request button in the top-right corner


Having trouble logging in?

✨ Important 
If you have an existing GoDaddy Studio account on mobile, please log onto Web with those same login details. This will ensure that: 
  1. If you have a PRO subscription on mobile, you should have access to all PRO content on Web too.
  2. When we release project syncing, your projects will sync on all your devices. 
🔧 Login troubleshooting
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