GoDaddy Studio PRO users have access to iCloud Sync, which syncs your projects from GoDaddy Studio to the Cloud, and not just your device (v5.8.0 onwards only).
**Please note: iCloud Sync is only available to customers who first used GoDaddy Studio prior to 9th July 2021. New customers from 9th July will be able to use our Project Sync feature instead (available soon to all customers).
This will also allow you to sync your projects between multiple devices using iCloud

🧐 What does iCloud Sync do? 

iCloud is a sync solution, meaning that it keeps all your data in-sync across every device you're signed into with your Apple ID.
📍NB: If you delete projects from your iPhone, you will unfortunately also be deleting them from iCloud ðŸ˜­

😢 If iCloud Sync isn't working as expected, please check:

  1. iCloud Sync is toggled on (green) in your iOS Settings (Tap on Settings > Apple ID (your name)> iCloud > GoDaddy Studio)
  2. iCloud Sync is toggled on (yellow) in the GoDaddy Studio Settings (Tap on Projects > Settings (cog in the top right) > iCloud)
  3. That you are signed into the same iCloud account on all your devices
  4. If you have GoDaddy Studio on multiple devices and are wanting to share projects between them, have you done steps 1 & 2 across all devices? 
For more information on iCloud Sync and how to activate it, please read “iCloud Sync (iOS only)”.
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