Thumbnails for fonts, templates, graphics, and Discover not working? Here's what to test. 


🚩 This could be caused by a few different things:

  1. Poor/unstable internet connection.
  2. Out of date software (app or operating system) on your device
  3. Needing to be on a specific VPN in your country to access the content in GoDaddy Studio
  4. We've somehow let a bug sneak in 🙈

🛑 Important

Please do NOT delete and reinstall GoDaddy Studio.
Deleting the app will delete all of the projects saved in your project feed. Only projects saved to your account in folders (on iOS) or backed up to iCloud (GoDaddy Studio PRO in iOS) will be safe. Due to privacy, we do not have access to any projects you create with GoDaddy Studio – we are unfortunately unable to recover projects on your behalf.


**Please note: iCloud Sync is only available to customers who first used GoDaddy Studio prior to 9th July 2021. New customers from 9th July will be able to use our Project Sync feature instead (available soon to all customers).


✅ Here are the main things to check for: 

  1. The latest app version – have you updated to the latest version of GoDaddy Studio in the App Store/ Play Store, and if not, does updating help? 
  2. The latest operating system – have you updated to the latest version of iOS or Android, and if not, does updating help? 
  3. Restarting your device – have you tried restarting your device, and if not, does restarting then trying again with a good Internet connection help? 
  4. Switching your internet connection off and on again – switch your internet connection off, wait a minute, then switch it back on and try again.
  5. Joining an appropriate VPN on your device.
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