In order for GoDaddy Studio to either access your albums or save to them, you'll need to grant permission on your device.
Don’t worry, we won’t go creeping through your pics, this setting is purely there so you can upload your own photos to use in the app, and to save your GoDaddy Studio creations to your camera roll. Your selfies are safe, promise🤗
Follow the steps below to allow access to the photos on your device:
iOS Android
  • Open the ‘Settings’ app
  • Scroll down until you find the GoDaddy Studio icon/app and tap on the arrow next to it
  • Check what it says next to 'Photos'
  • It should say 'Read and Write' (like on the screenshot below) - that means you've given GoDaddy Studio permission to import photos saved on your device, and to save (export) images you create in GoDaddy Studio to your device.
  • If yours isn't set to 'Read and Write' (the other option is 'Never'), you'll need go in and change it to edit your photos in GoDaddy Studio 💚


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