Exported images are pixelated

There are a few reasons why your images might be pixelated after you export them, and a couple of things you can try to fix it and prevent it from happening in the future:

🌟 Image quality 

Are you working with a low resolution file? These are often fine for web use, but won’t work well in print. Try to make sure the images you bring into Over are as high quality as possible, then crop/resize them to reduce the file size later.

✨ Canvas size

Canvases that are too big (or too small) for your elements may impact image quality. Try adjusting the size by tapping on the ‘layers’ button, then selecting the bottom later (it will have the size on it eg. 300x600). See the screenshots below for an example.

💫 Export destination 

Some platforms automatically resize images to fit their required/default specifications, which can cause lower quality images. Try double-checking the required sizes for the platform you’re using, to get the best results 💪


🖼 Let’s talk resolution (warning: we get chatty about pixels)

The default resolution for all our export options is 72dpi, which is the standard. For print images (which require 300dpi for good quality printing), here are some tips to get the best possible result from your projects in Over:

💥 Resolution 

Get the right print resolution by multiplying your desired size in mm by 12 OR your desired size in inches by 300.

To get to resolution settings from your project (this is the same on iOS and Android ✨):

Tap layers 


Then the bottom layer


Then either choose a preset size, or custom to choose your own


For example, to get an A4 size in pixels:

• Millimeters: 210 × 297 x 12 = 2520 x 3564px

• Inches: 8.27 × 11.69 x 300 = 2481 x 3507px


🛑 Maximum size

The biggest size a project can be in Over is 8127px, so to preserve your image quality, we don’t advise printing anything larger than A3.

🤩 Quality

Low resolution images or graphics won’t print well. Make sure images you bring into the app are as high quality as possible. Our fonts and shapes will always look pixel-perfect though, because they are vectors 🎉

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