Image doesn't have a transparent background

If you’ve created a project with a transparent background but it’s getting removed when you export it – here’s why.
In almost all instances, this boils down to the file type you’re using to export projects. 

✨ Important

  • JPG files will not support transparent backgrounds! ✋
  • In order for transparency to work, files must be exported as a PNG. 
  • When saving a PNG file to your phone, the grey grid will not be visible and it will show with a solid background even though it’s actually transparent. To double-check this, simply apply the saved image to an existing design and see if the background is transparent. 

🤓 To export as a PNG (this is the same on iOS and Android): 

  • Tap on the export button at the top right corner of your project
  • Then tap ‘Export Settings’ at the bottom
  • Select “PNG” (as pictured in the screenshot)

🧐 If you've selected PNG and it still isn't working, please double check:

  • That you didn’t start with a solid background (our presets are image, video, white, black, or transparent)
  • That you didn’t import an image with a solid background  
If you’ve checked all the above and you’re still having problems, let us know! 🌈
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