Charged for an annual subscription but wanted monthly

Charged for a full year up front when you only meant to sign up for one month? If you’re unsure why, it can happen for a couple of reasons:
  1. You opted into a free trial – outside of limited time offers, such as our LaterCon promo, we do not offer free trials on monthly subscriptions, so any free trial redeemed will end with an annual subscription being purchased (as outlined on the subscription screen when you sign up). 
  2. You have had a free trial before – To keep things fair for everyone, we can only offer one free trial per user account. So if you’ve had a trial with us before, you will be charged the full subscription cost if you try to opt into a trial again.  
  3. You didn’t cancel in time – in order to avoid being charged for a full subscription, you need to have cancelled your free trial at least 24 hours before the last day of your trial (7th for PRO or 14th for GoDaddy Studio Teams).

To switch from an annual to a monthly subscription on mobile you'll need to follow these  steps:

1. Cancel your annual subscription from "Settings" > "Manage Subscription" > "Cancel Subscription".
2. Request a refund from Apple or the Google Play Store, (depending on where you signed up). This article will give you more guidance on refunds. 
3. Resubscribe in the App Store or Google Play Store choosing the monthly option

You can also switch from a monthly to an annual s
ubscription by opening GoDaddy Studio and following these steps:


If you use GoDaddy Studio on both Android and iOS, you will need to follow these steps on the device you upgraded with. 

Step 1: Tap 'Projects'


Step 2: Then tap 'Settings'


Step 3: Tap 'Manage Subscription'


Step 4: Scroll down to 'Options' and tap 'Switch to Monthly'

Hint: if it says 'Switch to Annual, you're already on a monthly subscription! 

You can also cancel your subscription from this screen and can continue using GoDaddy Studio PRO for the remainder of your subscription term. 
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