Our free trial gives you the chance to try the best of GoDaddy Studio PRO for 7 days to see if it’s right for you. If you’ve signed up for a trial but have been charged, there could be a couple of reasons why:

🤔 Have you had a free trial before?

To keep things fair for everyone, we can only offer one free trial per user account. So if you’ve had a trial with us before, you will be charged if you try to opt-in again.  

📅 Did you select a monthly subscription?

We offer two types of recurring subscriptions, one annual, and one monthly.
Our monthly subscription option does not come with a free trial, so if you selected this – you have been charged for a month of GoDaddy Studio PRO upfront. You can either cancel your subscription and finish out the month if you don’t want to continue using GoDaddy Studio PRO, or switch to an annual subscription. 

🌟 How to switch to an annual subscription (iOS + Android)


Step 1: Open GoDaddy Studio on your device, then tap ‘Projects’


Step 2: Tap the Settings cog in the top right corner


Step 3: Tap ‘Manage Subscription’


Step 4:  Scroll down and tap ‘Switch to Annual’


Step 5: Confirm with Touch ID or password

⏳ Did you cancel your trial on time?

If you do not actively cancel 24 hours before the 7th day of the PRO trial or before the 14th day of the GoDaddy Studio Teams trial then you will be charged. 

If you have evidence that you were charged within the trial period, before the 7th or 14th day, you can follow Apple & Google’s refund policy here.
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