Switch from Over PRO to Teams (and vice versa)


👀 Will you be the Owner of a Team?

If so, your Pro subscription should automatically be upgraded to a Team’s Subscription when you follow the steps in the following article - Subscribe to Over Teams. Your next invoice from Apple should now reflect your monthly Team’s subscription. And welcome! You’re gonna love it ❤️

😁 If you’re an existing PRO user joining an Over Team, you have two options:

  1. If your team is still in the trial period, and you are unsure whether you will continue to use Over teams, we suggest keeping your PRO Subscription to avoid having to resubscribe.
  2. If your team is paying for an Over Teams subscription, you do not need to also keep your PRO subscription. We suggest canceling it to avoid duplication because being a part of a team means you'll automatically get access to Over Pro too 🌟.  
If you would like to cancel your Pro Subscription (as per option 2) tap here for guidance.
If you want to cancel your Over Teams subscription and revert back to a PRO account, you will need to resubscribe to Over PRO. Please follow the steps in these two articles:
  1. Cancel your subscription
  2. Subscribe to Over PRO
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