You can change, cancel, and update your Over PRO monthly subscription at any time. Here's how 👇
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🌟 Open Settings (little cog top right)


✨ Then tap Manage Subscription

To do this in your iTunes Settings
  1. Open ‘Settings’ 
  2. Tap on ‘iTunes & App Store’
  3. Tap on your Apple ID
  5. Select the subscription for Over
  6. From there, you can change the settings for your subscription 💛

🔥 Hot tip:

Switching from Over PRO monthly to annual can save you up to 45% on the cost of your subscription per year. We all love a bargain!


🌟 Over Pro subscription pricing/ payment and terms

Over Pro offers two auto-renewing subscription options:
  1. Monthly (no free trial).
  2. Yearly at a 45% saving if compared to monthly, (with a 7-day free trial that will automatically roll into a paid yearly subscription, unless the free trial is canceled before the 7th day).
 Please note prices may differ depending on your location & are subject to change. 


Your Over Pro subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term
 Want to turn off auto–renew? Do this at any time from your iTunes, Play Store, Over Web settings. 

🤔 Why auto–renew? 

You will lock in the price you pay on sign up. So even if we increase the price, you’ll continue to pay your initial rate (huzzah)! 

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