🚩 Important! Before you begin, remember ... 

  • This is a GoDaddy Studio PRO feature and only available to subscribers
  • Your font must be saved in Google Drive, iCloud Drive (iOS), or Dropbox
  • You must have your chosen drive app on your phone
  • Your font must be saved as an OTF or TTF or a TTF.zip
  • You can only upload one font file at a time (not a folder)

How-to guide

Step 1. Open a project and tap Text 

Step 2. Tap the (^) arrow – bottom left – to open the font library 

Step 3. Scroll to Custom at the top

Step 4. Tap the Add Fonts button

This will open a Locations screen.  

Step 5. Tap the drive app you've stored your font on and tap on your font 

Step 6. Wait for the confirmation message

The app may take a few seconds to upload your font.  

When it’s done, you’ll see a confirmation message and your new font will appear in your downloaded list. 
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