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All the fonts and graphics in GoDaddy Studio are licensed from artists and need to be renewed, by us, depending on the contract we have with the artist. From time to time we're unable to renew some of these licenses and therefore need to remove that content from the App. This shouldn't happen too often though! 
That said, for every graphic or font that the Content team does sadly have to remove, they'll always try and replace it with something amazing and similar as soon as possible!

Here's an example of an unlicensed graphics collection: 



When you tap into the collection, you'll see a note that we've had to remove it: 



❶ If you have subscribed to GoDaddy Studio PRO or have been gifted GoDaddy Studio PRO by our team and it does not look activated - meaning you're still seeing free banners on your content and don't have access to PRO features, try this: 
  1. Tap on Projects
  2. Tap on Settings 
  3. Tap Restore Purchases (this refreshes your GoDaddy Studio PRO subscription) 
If you purchased graphic and font bundles before we launched GoDaddy Studio PRO (2016) that are still licensed, but missing, you can try the same Restore Purchases method above. 
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