There are a few things you can try to restore projects that have gone missing from GoDaddy Studio. 

🛑 Important

Please do NOT delete and reinstall GoDaddy Studio.
Deleting the app will delete all of the projects saved in your project feed. Only projects saved to your account in folders (on iOS) or backed up to iCloud (GoDaddy Studio PRO in iOS) will be safe. Due to privacy, we do not have access to any projects you create with GoDaddy Studio – we are unfortunately unable to recover projects on your behalf.
Currently, our Android app sadly doesn't support folders. We're working on it!

👍🏽 If you are on iOS we always recommend saving your projects in folders

✨ Top tip:

Saving to folders means that you will be able to recover projects if your device gets lost or damaged, or if you delete and reinstall the Over app. 


🤔 PRO subscribers on iOS:

You can also turn on iCloud sync via the toggle in the ‘Settings’ menu, which will enable you to recover files from your iCloud sync drive. Want to learn more? Check out this iCloud Sync article.


**Please note: iCloud Sync is only available to customers who first used GoDaddy Studio prior to 9th July 2021. New customers from 9th July will be able to use our Project Sync feature instead (available soon to all customers).


👉 If projects were saved only to your Projects feed: 

  1. Did you recently change devices or delete/uninstall the GoDaddy Studio app? If so, this could mean your projects were sadly lost. Any projects created in GoDaddy Studio and not backed up to Folders are saved only to the device on which they were created.
  2. Did you recently back up your device? ✨If so, you could potentially be able to access your projects here, (however, this should be used with caution as it will also reset all other apps and information on your device). 
  3. Are you a Pro Subscriber & using an iOS device? 📱If so, you may be able to recover these projects from your iCloud sync drive if you had that toggled on in the app. 

iOS only: You can check the contents of your folders by tapping 'Projects':


Then tapping the 'Folders' tab: 


🗂 If your projects were saved to Folders:

  1. Are you logged in using the correct email account? 
  2. Does restarting your device help? This can sometimes refresh the GoDaddy Studio App. 
🌟We strongly recommend backing up your projects to keep them safe! 
✨Alternatively, you can sign up for an account on iOS to use folders to save your work.
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