Why create an Over account?

So glad you asked! There are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to create an account with us (hint: most of them are around project safety and access). 

🌟 Why you should create an Over account

  1. Don’t lose your projects – with an Over account, you get access to Personal Folders. When you put your projects in folders, they’re saved to your account. So if anything happens to your device, or if you delete and reinstall the app, your projects will be safe! 
  2. Get organized – another benefit of folders is that it makes it so much easier to organize your projects. Create a folder for each of your clients, or arrange your work into categories. So. Much. Faster.
  3. Work across devices – we’re often asked about this, and here is the way to make it seamless: sign into your account, and your folders will be accessible from any of your devices! 
  4. Get all the insider info – every week we send out the best tips, tricks, and new content to help you ace your goals and get the very best out of Over 
  5. ...did someone say discounts? – from time to time we run a sale. If you're signed up with an account, you're pretty much guaranteed a heads up. Nothing dodgy. Just awesome value, straight to your inbox 

✨ Important 

At the moment, points 1-4 are iOS only. We’re working on our Android app to make it better than ever!


If you close a project without saving it to a folder, it will only save in your project feed, which is ONLY accessible from the device you’re on. If you get into the habit of saving projects to folders, it will make your life so much easier. Game. Changed! 🙌

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