What happens to my Over PRO subscription if I join or upgrade to an Over Team?


Your Pro subscription will automatically be upgraded to an Over Teams Subscription after your 14-day trial and this will be reflected in your invoice from Apple.  

✨ Important

If you still had some time remaining on your annual Pro subscription then Apple should reimburse you with a portion of your annual charge.
Your Pro subscription will not automatically upgrade and you have 2 options:
  1. If your team is still in the trial period, and you are unsure whether you will continue to use Over teams, we suggest keeping your Pro Subscription to avoid having to resubscribe.
  2. If your team is now paying for an Over Teams subscription, you can cancel your Over PRO subscription. Note that should you resubscribe at a future time, you will be charged the current App Store rate. 

📍 If you would like to cancel your Pro Subscription (as per option 2) tap here for guidance.

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