How do I invite others to join my team?


Step 1: Tap the invite icon next to the profile pictures of your team members. 

📍 NB: Only Team Owners or Admins can invite members. 

Step 2. The share sheet will open. Choose how you’d like to send your link. 


🚩NB: Invites sent via Facebook Messenger do not work. 

If you send an invite via Facebook Messenger, the team member tapping the invite link will not work due to Facebook browser reasons. To solve this, they can either copy and paste the link from Facebook messenger directly into Safari or you can send the link through a different channel. 


Step 3. Customize your message – keeping the link intact – and send. 


🤔 How will you know if they've joined?

  • You’ll see their image appear under your Team Name
  • Their name will appear under the MEMBERS in your Team Settings page. 
  • If you have notifications turned on, you should receive a notification. 

✨ Important: 

  • Only Admins and Owners can invite team members
  • You can invite up to 30 members to join your team
  • Only users who have iOS devices can accept an invite & join your team 
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