Step 1. Make sure ...

  • You’re using an iOS device
  • You've downloaded the iOS Over app
  • You're signed into your Over account in the iOS app



🤔 Haven’t yet created an Over account? Here’s how to do that. 


Step 2. Tap the Over Teams invite link from your phone. 

Opening the link from your phone is important as Over Teams is not yet available on desktop. 

🚩NB: Invites sent via Facebook Messenger do not work. 

If you are sent an invite via Facebook Messenger, tapping the invite link will not work due to Facebook browser reasons. To solve this, you can either copy and paste the link from Facebook messenger directly into Safari or ask the Team owner to send the link through another channel. 

Step 3. The link will open Over and you’ll be redirected into the team. 


✨ Important:

  • You can only join one team for now, but watch for an update on this. 
  • If you are already an Over PRO subscriber, you can cancel your PRO subscription as your Over Teams membership includes access to all PRO features. 
  • If you cancel your Over Pro subscription, should you wish to resubscribe in the future, you will be charged the current App Store rate & not the original price applied. 
  • Over Teams is only available on iOS – Android and web coming soon. 
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