If you’re having trouble resetting your password, or you’re not receiving your password reset email, there are a few things that could be happening.
Before that, there are two very important things to note:

😁 Did you sign up with email? 

This requires you to enter an email address of your choosing, and a password specifically for GoDaddy Studio. If you signed up with email, you should get a password reset email when you select “Forgot password”.

😕 Did you sign up using ANY other method? 

For example, tapping on Sign in with Apple, Facebook, or Google (this is not the same as choosing email and entering your Gmail address). If so, you will not receive a password reset email from us! You will need to log in the same way you signed up. 
If you cannot remember your Apple, Facebook or Google password, you will need to go to their website and follow their password reset procedure, then come back to GoDaddy Studio and log in that way with your new password.
We cannot reset passwords for third–party login methods 😢 

👆 Other issues that can come up are:

  1. Reset email has gone to spam – occasionally, emails of this nature end up in a spam inbox. Make sure you check your folders to make sure our email hasn’t slipped through the cracks!
  2. Double-check your account email – are you using the same email address you created your account with? If not, you won’t be able to log in. 
  3. Did you have an account with GoDaddy Studio? When we originally launched on iOS, you did not need an account to start creating in GoDaddy Studio - so if you don’t remember creating an account, it’s entirely possible that you never had one! Simply tap “Sign In”, then 'Get Started' to make the magic happen 💛


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