Our subscriptions are handled directly by The App Store (for Apple users) and The Play Store (for our Android users). This means they will provide you with a proof of purchase directly from their site.
Once your order for GoDaddy Studio PRO or Teams (only on iOS for now) has been successfully processed, a receipt for your subscription purchase will be sent to your email address, and your subscription to GoDaddy Studio will reflect on this invoice. 

🧐 What if you don't receive an invoice from the App or Play Store?

If you have confirmation that your purchase was successful but don't receive a tax invoice, you can reach out to the relevant store directly to request they send you a copy. Check the tab below for your device and follow the steps within.
iOS Android
To reach out to Apple directly you can do so by clicking on this link http://reportaproblem.apple.com/.  You can either download your invoices directly from here under the 'Invoices' tab, or if it does not show here, tap on "Report a Problem" next to the GoDaddy Studio app icon.
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