Unsubscribed during trial but still charged

To start, please check to make sure you followed all of the steps in the “Cancel your subscription” article, in the correct order. If you’ve done all of those and were still charged for a subscription, please read on.

✨ Important

  • Simply deleting the app will not cancel your subscription or trial, and you will still be charged. You must keep the app installed until after you have followed all the required steps in the above article. 
  • In order to avoid being charged, you need to have canceled at least 24 hours before the last day of your trial (7th for PRO or 14th day for GoDaddy Studio Teams). 
If you’ve been charged even though you canceled, please follow the steps below to request a refund from the App Store or Play Store: 
iOS Android
All payments within the App Store are handled directly by Apple. If you’re eligible for a refund, you can contact Apple directly via the following steps:
  1. Find the Apple invoice for your purchase (you will receive one via email upon making a payment to the App Store)
  2. Tap 'report a problem' at the bottom and fill in the required details
  3. Alternatively, you can go here to sign in with your Apple ID and request a refund there. 
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