Over PRO gives you full access to our library of hand-curated graphics, fonts, and more. Manage your brand assets, upload custom logos and fonts, (mobile only) and create beautiful branded designs to manage your business on the go. 
It's easy to subscribe, just follow the steps for your platform: 
iOS Android Web

☝️ Step one: Open 'Settings'

Open Over, tap projects, tap Settings cog in top right


✌️ Step two: tap 'Get Over PRO'


👌 Step three: Choose your plan

There are 2 options: 
  1. Monthly: price varies by country – no free trial included
  2. Yearly: price varies by county - a 7-day free trial is included if you have never subscribed to Over PRO before 

🖖 Step four: Confirm with touch ID or your app store password 

You’re in! 
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