You'll need to make sure that whatever you've created is in accordance with our Terms of Use. 

📄 Terms of Use 

The limit for commercial use of anything with a graphic, font, videos, template, or Unsplash/Pixabay images is 400 end units.
For example up to 400 physical t-shirts or digital wallpapers with a graphic/font. 

✨ Important

This does not mean that you can simply change the color of the graphics and sell another 400 units. 
Each item regardless of the color (graphic, font, image, template from GoDaddy Studio) can only be sold 400 times under the current Terms & Conditions.

💡 We also refer to "unique implementation" in our Terms & Conditions. 

To put it simply, this means that you have taken the piece of content and created something unique instead of simply selling the font or graphic on an object. It needs to be "significantly different than the original piece of Service content & require time, effort, and skill to produce".

🌟 How to get an extended license

If you’d like to sell more than 400 units of physical or digital designs you’ll need to acquire the relevant Extended Licenses for the different elements used.


These are the steps we recommend you follow:
  1. Send us a copy of your design (screenshot, pdf...), so we can see what you've used to  

  2. List the names of the specific elements in your design - fonts, graphics, images & videos  from our libraries. If you can't find these, let us know what you searched for. 
  3. We’ll put you in contact with the designer/s of the elements you've used. 
  4. You can then negotiate/ purchase the extended license from them - so costs would vary depending on the designer/s. 
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