🏃🏽‍♀️Use the Logo Quickstart for a fast solution

Find a logo template that most matches what you’re looking for.

 🥽 Create a transparent version to apply to your designs

To do this, tap on the layers and remove the background shape (if there is one), turn off the background color, or start with a transparent background.
✨ Important
The grey grid background = transparent background. 

⬇Save your transparent version for use

To do this, pick the PNG option when exporting. This ensures that you save a version with no background that can work on any design. 
📍Don’t panic if your logo saves with a black or white background in your camera roll. This is just the default on your device - it's still transparent. 

🔥Hot tip

Upload your logo to Over for fast and easy access (PRO feature only). 
Want to learn how to do that? Watch this tutorial


The above tutorial video shows where to find the logo uploader on an iOS device (which is in Graphics as well as Images) if you'd like to do it on an Android device, you can follow the same steps, but you'll find the logo uploader in images. 
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