How much does Over Teams cost?



Over Teams costs USD$59.99 (prices vary by country) per month for: 

  • Up to 30 team members
  • All Over PRO features full access to all content libraries, iCloud sync, uploading logos, importing fonts, saving color palettes, scheduling social media posts. 
  • Collaborating on projects in the Over app. 
  • Creating shareable templates anyone in your team can use. 
  • Commenting on and giving feedback on projects. 
  • Organizing your projects into public or private folders.
  • Adding your logo, color palette, and branded templates into a folder.
  • Inviting people to your team with a quick link.
NB: the price above only applies to the USA. Prices will vary by country. 
To check the price of Over Teams in your country, open Over and tap on Teams (bottom left).
Interested in upgrading to Over Teams? Here’s how.
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