Is Over Teams right for you?


Over Teams works really well for: 

  • Small businesses that need to collaborate on marketing material
  • Social media teams who want quick and easy access to branded social media designs
  • Designers or small design studios who want to create shareable templates for their clients

Why upgrade to Over Teams?

💸 Affordable subscription
Pay one subscription of USD$59.99/month for multiple users (up to 30 people). 
(Prices vary per country)
🏃🏽‍♀️ Faster workflow
  • Quickly access branded templates and marketing designs from your phone
  • Send off-key deliverables from your phone so you never miss a deadline
  • Make comments and edits on designs in real-time
✨ Easier processes
  • Manage multiple clients/projects from one central workplace
  • Keep all your brand assets in one shareable folder for fast and easy access
  • Upload brand logos, import custom fonts, and save color palettes – giving your whole team access to the correct branding, from anywhere

Interested? Here’s how to upgrade to Over Teams.

NB: Over Teams is currently only available on iOS.
Android and Over Web coming soon
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